Monday, May 6, 2013

Lessons From an Extraordinary Woman, Carrie Holmes

Carrie Holmes, a most extraordinary woman, passed from this world last week. She was a close friend of my sons Daniel and Adam, and  became our friend as well. We and dozens of her friends and family were honored to be part of her vigil a week ago. One by one we  said our tearful goodbyes to her as she left this world after a ten-year    struggle with cancer. Since then there have been over 100 comments on her Facebook page about what an exceptional, inspiring person she was, and how powerfully she has impacted their lives. Today I present to you a few of the many things she lived and taught us through her example. As one friend wrote, “she packed more into 34 years than most people do in 84 years."
1. No matter where a kid comes from, or what she  looks like, find the best in her, make her feel great about herself.
2. Sing loudly ,dance often, and dare to be goofy...and don't be afraid to tell someone to "get their shit together."
3. Show off your smile.
4. Find kind words to say to people every day.
5. Dare to express your opinions. You don't always have to be kind, but you do need to tell the truth.
6. Laugh and be quick with your wit 
7. Persevere in the face of the severest adversity, and never give up hope or accept defeat.
8. Know you can make a difference in the lives of the people you work and play with, and love.
9. Love the Wolverines, the Tigers, Springsteen and Segar, bold  colors, and Jeopardy.
10. Send your kids to camp  (Donations can be sent to the link below)

A link to Carrie’s obituary is below.


Coach Rob Pasick

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  1. Well put, Rob.

    Thanks for generating some wonderful life lessons about a truly wonderful woman. Following steps 1-10 honors her memory very well.