Monday, April 29, 2013

The Wit and Wisdom of President Mary Sue Coleman

We were honored to have President Mary Sue Coleman as the featured speaker at the April CEO Connect. She was asked about her lessons on leadership and here are her extremely useful responses:
1. “Never give up. You don’t say ‘I’m going to fold my tent’, even in the face of rejection.”
2. “Be persistent.”
3. “Listen, a lot.”
4. “The best way to move an organization forward is to layout the options, ask people’s opinions, and listen to their opinions seriously.”
5. “Make a decision in a timely fashion.”
6. “Get back to people and explain why you made the decision.”
7. “What people want most is to be heard and be respected for being heard, even though they know that you will not  always agree with their position.”
8. “Be engaging and respectful of all people, whether they’re cleaning the buildings or giving a huge gift.”
9. “Every part of the organization is made up of lots and lots of people who make it work…it isn’t a single individual.”
10. “Fight the battles, die on the hills that are important, but don’t die on too many, or you won’t be successful.”
If you would like to view President Coleman’s presentation at CEO Connect, please click on this link

Coach Rob Pasick

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