Monday, April 1, 2013

Have You Identified the Most Positively Energizing People in Your Organization?

Last week at Rob Pasick’s CEO Connect, Kim Cameron  presented on his research about positive energizers at work. He has found that positive energizers not only are higher      performers but tend to enhance the work of others. Furthermore, high performing firms have three times as many positive energizing networks than low performing firms. Click on the link below to see Dr. Cameron’s presentation. Have you identified and reinforced your energizers at work? According to Dr. Cameron, here are some of their characteristics:

1. They connect with others as people
2. They are trustworthy, have integrity and are dependable
3. They use abundance language
4. They are fully engaged in conversations and are heedful
5. They solve problems
6. They see opportunities
7. They smile
8. They are genuine and authentic
9. They express gratitude and& humility

When you form teams, be sure to by include positive energizers. Next week we will discuss how to deal with de-energizers in the workplace.

LINK TO CEO VIDEO GALLERY: CEO Connect Video. Please note that the video will not be posted until later today.

Coach Rob Pasick

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