Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Manage De-energizers in the Workplace

“I read your Dr. Rob tips last week”, said Stephanie, a physician friend of mine. “I have some of those de-energizers at work. What do you suggest I do about them?” Here are a few of the suggestions I gave her:
1. As much as possible, ignore them. No matter what you do, these folks are  unlikely to change. Don’t waste your energy and time. Instead, focus on reinforcing the “energizers”.
2. If possible, remove them from supervisory positions. It’s bad enough they bring negative energy to work, but do what you can to avoid having them spread their negative vibes.
3. Consider having them work with a coach who is skilled at handling executives who are         de-energizers.
4. To counteract de-energizers, focus on becoming a “compassionate manager”. According to Peter Frost in his book Toxic Emotions at Work, a compassionate manager is one who:
       a. Reads emotional cues (their own and others)
       b. Keeps people connected by engaging in “human
          moments” with their colleagues and staff
       c. Builds a team environment where acting compassionately
           is encouraged and rewarded
       According to Frost, “managers who possess such skills
       can keep their people happy and productive in the face of
       de-energizers in the organization”.

Coach Rob Pasick

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