Monday, April 8, 2013

Have You Identified the De-energizers in Your Organization?

In Dr. Kim Cameron’s recent CEO Connect talk (see video link below), he described how de-energizers in the workplace can sap not only the morale of an organization but can also negatively impact performance. Here are some of the ways that they sap the energy out of organizations. They:

1. Always see roadblocks & have criticisms
2. Fail to create opportunities for others to be valued
3. Are often inflexible in their thinking
4. Fail to show concern for those around them
5. Often fail to come through on commitments
6. Just get louder when people don’t listen
7. Seldom smile
8. Are superficial and inauthentic

Is it possible you have some of these de-energizing behaviors? Unfortunately, too often executives can be the chief           de-energizers. This week assess your behavior to see if you may be perceived as a de-energizer.  Next week, I will discuss how to manage the de-energizers in an organization. I would appreciate your ideas on how to deal with de-energizers. Thanks once again to Kim for his excellent research and teaching skills.

Coach Rob Pasick

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