Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dr. Rob's Leadership Tips from an Elephant Farm in Thailand

We will return to our discussion on Career Evaluating next week, but while in Thailand I have had an experience which translates well to being a leader.

Today I had the privilege to ride an elephant up and down a mountain in Thailand  in a rain storm. Before climbing on the elephant named Marie, we were taught these crucial lessons:

  1. If we expect to turn our lives over to the care of elephants, we must take exceptional care of them.
  2. First be kind to them, learn their names, and don't walk behind them.
  3. Be sure they are healthy physically and mentally
  4. Feed them well, especially when getting to know them.
  5. Keep them clean and well groomed.
  6. Give them plenty of praise and affection  
  7. Never punish them

Inline image 1
I tried these and am here to report these lessons worked well.I was close to the edge, survived and had a ball. I hope they are helpful to you.
What leadership lessons have you learned from your adventures?

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