Monday, September 2, 2013

Giving Back: Choosing the Right Organization to Support

Most of us want to “give back”, to make a contribution to society through the giving of our own key resources which are time and money. However, given all the options available, it is not easy to figure out which organization to choose. This week, I will be leading a panel discussion at my CEO Connect event on Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great in the Social Sectors”. In his book, Jim Collins argues that business thinking is not the answer to achieving greatness in the social sectors.

According to Mr. Collins:
“For a social sector organization performance must be assessed relative to mission, not financial returns. In the social sectors, the critical question is not ‘How much money do we make per dollar of invested capital?’ but ‘How effectively do we deliver on our mission and make a distinctive impact, relative to our resources?’”

Based on these concepts, when you decide what organization to devote your energy to, ask yourself how well it is addressing these five issues:
Defining “Great”- Calibrating Success without Business Metrics
Level 5 Leadership- Getting Things Done within a Diffuse Power Structure
First Who- Getting the Right People on the Bus within Social Sector Constraints
The Hedgehog Concept- Rethinking the Economic Engine without a Profit Motive
Turning the Flywheel- Building Momentum by Building the Brand

I’d be interested in hearing how you have made decisions about giving back. Please share them with me in the comments below.

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