Monday, July 8, 2013

Are You Stuck in Achieving Your Stretch Goal?

I have been emphasizing the importance of having a stretch goal. The problem with trying to achieve a big goal is that we often procrastinate, never seeming to get to what really desire to achieve. My experience shows that one way to overcome this problem is to join a goal accountability group. These groups help by creating contagion among group members to get going on what is really important. Also, helping others achieve their goals motivates us to achieve our own. I am forming new Goal Accountability Groups. Please contact me if you would like to participate in one

Here are some tips on forming your own goal accountability group:
1. Organize these groups in your work setting, and set a regular time for the groups to meet, perhaps over breakfast or lunch once a month
2. Organize groups among people with a shared goal. I have participated successfully in a writers group which has yielded several books and articles for the members. My neighbor, Sue Holdaway Heys, has been part of a quilting group. Many of its members have won several prestigious awards for their work.
3. Be sure that at the end of each group meeting, each participant has designated their next action step toward achieving their stretch goal
4. Make sure participants are having fun and are using their creativity.
5. Don't tolerate members who are heavy-handed, dictatorial, or excessively critical toward other members.

Have fun and success in setting up your group! And please contact me if you'd like more advice or wish to participate in one of my Goal Accountability Groups.

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