Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do you recognize the power of setting stretch goals?

When I look back on my career, I've always focused more on medium to short term goals, rather than long term dreams. I think of these 6-12 month goals as stretch goals: important projects which will take considerable hard work, discipline and a fair amount of overcoming distinct difficulties. Additionally, they usually are risky in the sense that they may not be easily achieved. Some of my examples include: writing a book, getting on Oprah, or running a 10k race. Here are some tips, for setting and achieving 6-12 month goals.

1. On 5x7 index card write down what the goal is. (e.g. creating a new line of business in doing coaching and consulting in the healthcare field)
2. Write down the date by which you will achieve the goal (e.g. November 30th 2013)
3. Write down why it is important (e.g. given the health care reform act, there is a great need for the business; new source of revenue)
4. Write down briefly how it will be done. (e.g. work with 2 knowledgeable partners, pilot it on a small scale)
5. Let other people know about your goal (e.g. like I am doing in this email)
6. Place the card somewhere where you can see it daily. (e.g. on your mirror, posted by your desk, or in your inbox- never to be archived until achieved)
7. Keep track of your successes. I am proud to say that since 1968, I have a metal index card holder, filled with over 200 stretch goals which I have achieved.

Robert Pasick Ph.D
Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach
Author of Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

Link for video from 5/17/13 CEO Connect: 5/17/13 CEO Connect.
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