Monday, December 31, 2012

Family New Year’s Resolutions

This year make family New Year's resolutions. A fun way to start the new year just to talk to your family about what New Year's resolutions each person would like to make. I have found that if you make resolutions as part of the family, everyone is much more likely to succeed. Here is the process.

1. Ask each family member what they are most proud of during 2012.
2. Ask each person what they are most hopeful about achieving in 2013.
3. Ask each person what they would like to see as a family goal for 2013.
4. Write down these goals and share them with the family members, either as an email or better yet, as a nice written document.
5. If your family is not all in one place, do this exercise via email or the phone.

Coach Rob Pasick

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finding Your Unique Combination of Talents

Research has shown that discovering your unique combination of talents is a key to finding your occupational sweet spot. Here are some methods I use with my clients to help them discover their unique combination of talents.
1. Take the Strength Finders test from Gallup. (See the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton)
2. Send an email to friends and family asking them to share with you their perception of your key strengths.
3. Take the Best Self exercise from the Positive Organizational Scholarship website at the Ross School of Business.
4. Reflect on your personal history.
5. What type of activity have you always gravitated toward and been successful at?
6. What skill sets have you developed through education and work experience?
7. Perhaps most importantly, describe what you are not good at. Where have you consistently failed, been   frustrated, or have frustrated others?

When you have completed this process, try to summarize your findings in one brief paragraph.

Coach Rob

Monday, December 10, 2012

Finding Your Passion In Life

I learned many lessons last week from the participants in my workshop at CEO Connect on “Finding Your Occupational Sweet Spot”. You can view this workshop by clicking on the link below. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of the key lessons learned from this workshop. The first circle is about finding your passion. Ask yourself these questions to help you find your passion:
1. What do you seek to regularly learn more about through reading, television, conversations, etc?
2. What newspapers, magazines, or websites do you subscribe to and what section do you read first?
3. Where do you contribute your time and your money?
4. What interests do you currently have that you also had before the age of 18?
5. About what cause or topic do you feel you have “fire in the belly”?
6. If you won the lottery, what activities would you continue to do even if you didn't need to do them for the money?
7. On the days when you are excited about going to work, what is it you are looking forward to doing?
I would appreciate your feedback from the video of the workshop and if you have other ideas about “finding your passion”, please share them with me.

Coach Rob

Monday, December 3, 2012

Finding Your Sweet Spot in Life

In my workshop on Friday, December 7, you will have the  opportunity to figure out your sweet spot: where you want to be in your career and maybe in your life. After all, we should not be separating our career from the rest of our lives. Here are some tips to better integrate your career and your life:
  1. Recognize that if you are in a partnership, you need to plan your career, parenting, and other responsibilities collaboratively.
  2. You need also to clarify your values and goals as a couple. What are your collaborative goals regarding:

                 -relations with family and friends?
      3. You need to create a collaborative vision for what will make you happy and provide             meaning in the short-term and long-term.

If you would like to attend the CEO Connect event, click on the link Also please feel free to bring your significant other.

Coach Rob