Monday, November 26, 2012

More On Finding Your Career Sweet Spot

On Friday, December 7, I am offering a workshop on finding your career sweet spot. I will help participants explore the intersection between their passion, unique talents, values, and financial needs and desires. Here are some key questions to consider in each category:

1. What activity brings you the most joy in your life?
2. What do you love to do so much that you would do even if you weren’t being paid for it?
Unique Talent:
1. What do you do better than most everybody you know?
2. What are you succeeding at now that you have been  succeeding at since you were a teenager?
3. What are you not good at?
1. Describe an organization that would enable you to uphold your ethics and societal values while simultaneously enabling you to maintain your desired work-family balance.
1. How much money do you need to be paid to sustain your desired lifestyle?

If you would like to attend the CEO Connect event, click on this link:

Coach Rob

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Successfully Manage Transitions

I recently wrote an article which describes my transition from clinical psychologist to executive coach over the last 15 years entitled “Swimming with the Sharks”. It is in the November/December issue of the Psychotherapy Networker.
Here are my thoughts about the steps required to make a successful transition.
  1. You have to reflect carefully upon what you want to achieve.
  2. You have to visualize what success will look like and write down the vision.
  3. You have to translate your vision to a set of goals.
  4. You have to act upon your goals.
  5. You have to accept that no matter what you will   yourself to do, you will encounter challenges, defeats, and disappointments along the way.
  6. To overcome these obstacles, persistence, persistence, persistence.

Change happens no matter what. Why not try to make it the change you want rather than the change that just happens?

Coach Rob

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ken Dallafior’s Seven Cultural Beliefs to Ensure Success

Ken Dallafior, Executive Vice President of Group Business and Corporate Marketing—Blue Cross Blue Shield, gave an insightful and inspiring presentation at CEO Connect. Here are his seven cultural beliefs he tries to instill in all of his employees: 
1. Act Now. I commit each day to act with urgency to beat the competition.
2. Reach Out. I build partnerships across the enterprise to achieve outstanding corporate results.
3. Own It. I take accountability for our results and   constantly ask "what else can I do?"
4. Let's Talk. I see, listen and share to foster an open and honest exchange.
5. Be Radical. I implement innovative solutions for stakeholders as part of my daily work.
6. Embrace Lean. I beat the competition by maximizing efficiency - being leaner, faster and better every day.
7. Be Aligned. My daily actions align with, and focus on, achieving corporate results.

The video of Ken’s presentation can be found at the link below this clipboard.

Coach Rob Pasick

Monday, November 5, 2012

Grade Yourself As A Coach

Ken Dallafior (Executive Vice President of Group Business & Corporate Marketing, BCBSM), who is our speaker at CEO Connect on November 9, believes that when it comes to leading, it’s all about coaching your people. Here is an assessment to grade yourself on how effective you are as a coach. Please score on an A to E scale.

1. I am scrupulous about coaching each of my leaders on a regular basis (not only at performance review) ____
2. I give my leaders new assignments which stretch their talents ____
3. I regularly give honest positive and negative feedback __
4. I provide them the tools they need to play the game  well ___
5. I set an example through my own behavior ____
6. I find ways to encourage them to believe in themselves ___
7. I am willing to admit I was wrong and they were right __
8. I take time to know them as people ____
9. I know I need them because without them we’d never win the game ___
10. I know that as a coach, they must play the game, not me ___
11. I have their backs at all times ____

Please click the link below, if you would like to attend the CEO Connect breakfast with Ken Dallafior.

Coach Rob